Episode 98

Published on:

11th Aug 2021

Talking Girardi with Sarah Galli

I love having a Bravo Kiki with Sarah Galli from The Andy's Girls Podcast.

Deeply fulfilled after another perfect episode of Beverly Hills, Sarah awakes bright eyed and bushy tailed (Dear Hinge: bow-chicka-wow-wow), and immediately races to the People's People's Couch for a spiritual People's People's Court. She dials up the Hunky to her Dory, the Thoma to her Sina, and the official AG legal correspondent, Emily D. Baker (legal commentator, former prosecutor, and host of The Emily Show). They unpack Britney Spears' legal battle, and the freedoms Tom Girardi is afforded that she is not, a nuanced conversation around how one can empathize with Erika while still holding her to account, and why Sutton and Crystal's epic argument may stem from their opposing reactions to conflict. You'll never get to call Sarah's leather pants ugly, because this dame wears dresses instead - it's Andy's Girls, Episode 232!

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Emily D Baker is everyone’s favorite legal commentator and the host of The Emily Show where she gives a fresh take on legal commentary in the news and pop culture stories you want to talk about. With her signature smarts, sass, and cursey words, you’ll laugh out loud as you learn how to think critically about the facts behind the headlines.

Of course, it wouldn’t be The Emily Show if there weren’t some (okay many) stories from her 10+ years as a LA County Deputy District Attorney. As a YouTube Creator who garners millions of views each month, Emily also shares the behind the scenes of becoming a creative thought leader.

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Hi There! I am Emily D. Baker, badass lawyer for online entrepreneurs. I keep it real while helping business Get Legit™. With over 15 years of experience, I have seen it all and that’s why I am able to help my clients create common-sense legal protection in their businesses. I also thrive on helping businesses create the right structure to build wealth so they can focus on the good they do in the world. I run on coffee and curse words and enjoy talking some sh!t on the Get Legit Law & Sh!t podcast.