Episode 57

Published on:

28th Oct 2020

Rachel Hollis Sued.

Rachel Hollis, Dave Hollis and Hollis Co. are being sued for Trademark Infringement over ‘Made for More’.  With Rachel Hollis it’s not ‘wow she is getting sued’ it's more of ‘oh finally’. Rachel Hollis has a history of disregarding others intellectual property rights and this lawsuit lays it out! If you want to see the images of all the quotes and properties it’s linked below.  If you are familiar with Rachel Hollis at all you have likely heard of her movie ‘Made for More’.  She also sold Made for More merch on QVC and on her website.  The problem is that ‘Made for More’ is someone else's intellectual property. That means you can’t use it.  It will be so interesting to see how this sorts out. 


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The Trademark Suit

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