Episode 8

Published on:

4th Dec 2019

How to start a business…the right way.

Hope you enjoyed today’s episode!

You may be wondering how to start a business or what it’s like to start a small business and today I cover that. But I also talk about the deeper truths of what it means to leave a career to venture into entrepreneurship. How the kids who were mean in Jr. High still show up in my thoughts and my biggest lesson for fighting imposter syndrome ...cause starting a business or not, it’s something I think we all struggle with. 

If you want to see more of how I was feeling about leaving the District Attorney’s office feel free to scroll my Instagram Feed, because the posts are still there. To hear more about my journey with the emotional side of leaving the District Attorney's office and why I became a lawyer in the first place...it’s in my TEDx talk which you can find HERE! 

If you are starting a business the Get Legit Business Guide (download for free HERE! ) Is a tremendous resource.

 If you want Emily to cover a particular story or situation please contact the show at GetLegit@emilydbaker.com 

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I basically live on Instagram @TheEmilyDBaker www.instagram.com/emilydbaker.

If you need help with your business you can find my products at www.GetLegitShop.com and my legal consulting at www.EmilyDBaker.com 

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The Emily Show is a fresh take on legal commentary, breaking down the law behind the news and pop culture stories you want to talk about, with sass and cursey words. This is where the law nerds unite through a mutual love of facts. Of course, it wouldn’t be an Emily D. Baker product if there weren’t some (ok many) stories from her 10 plus years as a Deputy District Attorney and from the trenches helping clients build their businesses. You can find Emily and the Law Nerds on YouTube www.WatchEmily.Com

If you want to connect with Emily she basically lives on Instagram @TheEmilyDBaker www.instagram.com/emilydbaker.

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Hi There! I am Emily D. Baker, badass lawyer for online entrepreneurs. I keep it real while helping business Get Legit™. With over 15 years of experience, I have seen it all and that’s why I am able to help my clients create common-sense legal protection in their businesses. I also thrive on helping businesses create the right structure to build wealth so they can focus on the good they do in the world. I run on coffee and curse words and enjoy talking some sh!t on the Get Legit Law & Sh!t podcast.