Episode 46

Published on:

12th Aug 2020

Executive Orders - TIkTok, Stimulus Money, & Censorship ...Oh My!!

President Trump has recently signed quite a few Executive Orders that have garnered attention for a number of different reasons. I am personally most fascinated by the President taking on social media in different ways. A lot of the laws regulating the online space were written in the 90’s, long before social media as we know it was in existence. This clearly presents issues for government, employers, and society. Some of those decisions may be out of our hands  if these new Executive Orders stand. 

The President has gone after TikTok, Facebook and Twitter by way of trying to open the door for platforms to be sued over censorship. One of the signatures of the Trump Presidency is quick action/impatience, and that is what we clearly see in the stimulus Executive Order. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on these Executive Orders over in our Facebook Community.





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